Welcome to the Portfolio of Sami Pietilä!|samip.pietila@gmail.com
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Welcome to the Portfolio of Sami Pietilä!

I am a creative, solution-driven, self-motivated and dynamic invidual with positive attitude. I am a Specialist in Digital Media, Information technology, Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Multimedia, Graphic Design, Web Design, User interface Design, Conceptual Analysis, SEO Consulting, Web & Mobile Software Development, System Analysis & Design, Database applications, Digital Image Processing, Desktop Publishing and Marketing Communications.

My biggest objective is to obtain a good position in some major corporation that allows me to embody my ideas to reality. I want to obtain more working experience, create fancy references and get clear proof of my knowhow. I am looking forward to enjoy working through a team work environment with like-minded experts.

I can deal and interact with developers under any development environment and deliver the task in an excellent way. I have a passion for continuous improvement and self-development. I want to learn new things all the time in my Specialties like Digital Media, Information technology, Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Multimedia, Programming, Graphic Design, Web Design and UI Design.

Interfaces I know well are Windows, Macintosh OSX, Linux, UNIX and Microsoft SQL Server. CMS’s I operate well are ProcessWire, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. I use fluently all programs of Creative Suite 6 Master Collection like Photoshop CS6 Extended and Illustrator CS6. I master all Microsoft Office programs like MS Word, MS Excel and MS Access.

I master special Computer Applications like Macromedia Director MX, 3D Studio Max, Corel Draw & Corel Paint Shop Pro, Content Studio, Target Process, SPSS for Windows, SHS Secure File Transfer, Tumblr, MailChimp, Prestashop, Multimaker, Artisteer, Magento and Soundforge.

Programming languages like HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Flash Actionscript, XML, UML, SQL, MYSQL, PHP, Java, JavaScript, AngularJS, Python, ASP.NET / C#, AJAX, MVC, J2ME & MIDP and Lingo are familiar to me. Bootstrap and Foundation are responsive CSS Front-End frameworks for Web Design that I handle pretty well.

If you have some questions, please send me a message!